2227 Drake Ave
Suites 8 & 1
Huntsville, AL

The Salon Suite concept is changing the way the Salon industry is operating. In larger cities, Salon Suites are quickly becoming the trend for Stylists. Stylists are being drawn to this concept because it allows them to take ownership in their business without the costly overhead, build a rapport and address their client’s specific needs in privacy and customize their work space according to their own individual style.

At Adagio Salon Suites, our commitment is twofold. We understand the importance of recognizing hair stylists as the creative professionals they are and believe that providing them with the freedom and artistic rights they deserve enhances their abilities and increases their profitability.

We are aware that each stylist has built their business using their talents and skills to provide quality service while maintaining a relationship with their clientele. At Adagio Salon Suites , we will strive to provide your clients with a nice pleasant atmosphere and amenities that will assure them a wonderful experience that goes beyond hair care.

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